Friday, February 8, 2013

A lull between the reads

I'm not reading anything in particular right now. I need a small break from sitting all curled up with five-novels-in-a-row reading marathon. So, I have been reading some paragraphs here and there in some of the books lying about the house. 
  • A short story every now and again from Tammy Blackwell's At First Sight.
  • Some instructional preparation from How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag.
  • Some inspirational development from Stephen Knapp's Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence.
All of them are good books, but none of them is particularly holding my attention for long. I have a very bad habit of reading scholarly books all at one time. Maybe it is to keep my brain from being swamped or maybe to allow time to process the more academic side. Build up to an opinion of my own, so to speak. Either way, I enjoy all of them but can't seem to focus on any one for prolonged sit-downs.

Sometimes I just get in a funk of procrastination that keeps me from reading anything through to the end. Perhaps I should take this lull to tidy up some other projects. I feel guilty neglecting the others to read, and it might be throwing me off right now. I guess I haven't found that juggling perfection just yet.

Or, I just need a good recommendation on something that would capture my interest more than the academic pursuits. I'm all for expanding the mind and spirit, but I'm even more for a good book that escapes to a vast world of imagination.

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