Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ball like a hedgehog and keep on rolling

Oh dear, I haven't left my chair in way too long. Buying all five books in one set equals a very debilitating weekend of my curled in a comfy chair wrapped in blankets dreaming of tea and parasols and hedgehogs.

Changless by Gail Carriger

The beauty of stumbling on an author later in their career means you get to benefit from reading through a series continuously. You are able to enjoy the uninterrupted glory of a good story steaming right along with its plots and motivations. It can also mean that sometimes you take note of large continuity flaws if you have detail OCD like myself. So far I have been very pleased with the seamless tour through Gail Carriger's steampunk England. I continue on with my mind engaged in her intellectual wit, bursting into laughter at random and shocking the masses the around me.

I try to approach sequels as an unattached reader. This levels my hopes from being disappointed if the author had one stroke of genius and ran out (or was rushed to the presses by an antsy publisher). I find this approach also typically enamors me more when the book soars over my crippled expectations. Changeless managed to pull off soaring through the heights of aether in a very fashionable and respectable dirigible.

The introduction of new clans and packs and sundry other dubious characters of questionable nature was stepping up the game. Perhaps in my heart I am just smitten with a savage lifestyle despite my equal awe of etiquette. Who doesn't love a castle despite its abundance or lack of buttresses? The change of scenery while continuing on the same vein of storytelling was excellently streamlined (and proved the title doubly well named). I was able to hear all the fabulous accents in my mind making a cacophony of glee for such vivid imagery.

New characters dancing with doubts of their motivation and involvement added layers to the perceptible wit of the first installation. This sequel managed to keep the charm of the first while growing and developing my need to read more. I did not see the ghostly ending until I was at the end, which I find impressive of any author pulling one over on me. 

Here's to continuing floating!

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